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RODRIGO ESTEVA and MIRAH KELLC MORIARTY (MFA) are internationally traveled, award-winning teachers specializing in improvisation/composition, contemporary technique, and site-specific performance. Rodrigo and Mirah have taught at universities, festivals, and programs throughout the United States, Mexico, Peru, and in Canada, and Europe. Their classes are grounded in over thirty years of in-depth study and research with renowned teachers in release/sentient technique, improvisation, acupressure therapy (Certified), yoga/meditation (Nationally Certified), site-specific performance, and acrobatics, dances of the African diaspora, and somatic studies.  Their most influential teachers have been Sara Pearson and Patrik Widrig (as members of Pearson/ Widrig Dance Theater, New York City), Dr. Yanique Hume, and renowned Mexican choreographer Gerardo Delgado. [See their complete curriculum here.] They currently offer classes for professional dancers, K-12 youth, and inter-generational movers. 

>> View Contemporary Technique Workshop | Ook'ot International Festival, Mexico (2020)


Contemporary Technique

The body is an instrument that may be fine-tuned in order to access one's movement voice and sensitize kinesthetic perception. Dances arise from the stories that are held in our bodies; collective memories, experiences and inner states of being. Technique helps us to know ourselves and, at the same time, challenge those perspectives, creating paths towards unexplored potential. This comprehensive training includes work on the floor, self-acupressure, and challenging yet adaptable movement sequences. 


Improvisation and Composition

Improvisation is a skill that is cultivated with the intention to partner with each moment with a receptive and instinctual body. This class focuses on challenging physical investigations that break open our ability to listen to the mythical inner world, the environment and each other. Participants explore ways to enter states of transformative action through breath, directives, awareness and clarity of purpose to embody a more vibrant performance presence.


Site-Specific Dance

Site-specific dance focuses on re-wilding our physical nature while strengthening our instincts, sense of wonder, and deepening our experiential relationship with body and place. With the senses activated, we listen and respond to the environment with the body as our vessel for communication. The participants are guided to find the truth in the body as they move through states of greater awareness.

Rodrigo Esteva carries over 20 years of studies and extensive experience as a CAMT certified Shiatsu Therapist with a focus on Traditional Eastern Medicine.  He offers students tools for the location of tsubos (acupressure points) that, when held, stimulate our natural capacity to bring the body back into balance.  This in-depth knowledge includes pressure points for anxiety, depression and more.  This profound practice assists us in deepening and fine tune our experience of Self. 


Interdisciplinary Performance


This course is an invitation for students' to excavate their own creative voice through interdisciplinary exploration. Participants are exposed to different approaches to the creative process and are encouraged to reclaim, discover or deepen their own voice through research, self-reflection and constructive feedback.  This course draws on the teachers experience directing 20 original group and duet works and as collaborators with renowned companies including as members of the renowned Pearson Widrig Dance Theater, NYC (1993-2011), the physically integrated Axis Dance Theater (2007-08) and the inter-generational Working Ground Dance Theater (1994-1999).